Saturday, April 08, 2006


Meet my friend, Rachel Talley. She lives in Provo, Utah near my 4 daughters that live there too. I have learned everything I know from Rachel Talley and from reading so many of the books that she recommends to read. She has an awesome website that I wanted to share with you. If you are new at eating raw and want some FABULOUS transitioning tips -please click on the link I give here and you will learn so many easy and great steps. Her website has way more information than just "transitioning advice" though. You will want to sit and learn from her for hours. So - go on. You will be in for a great treat. Go to.....

and....since we are on the subject of my family!

I have 5 daughters (Jana, Gina, Jamie, Jenny and Jodie)
and 3 sons (Jimmy, Joey and Jacob).
All 5 daughters are married and 3 sons still live at home.
You'll just have to guess who is who!


Anonymous Christi said...

Hi, wanted to ask a question regarding the enchiladas below. They look fabulous by the way! The recipe says 1 tsp raw that like ground cacoa nib powder or carob? I absolutely love your site, all the dedication that you have put into this, the work, the recipes, the pictures and the enthusiasm too! Whew what a huge family! Thanks for sharing that link too, that is what I will read Sunday afternoon! Have a good weekend!

9:44 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

Wow, I just did a search YESTERDAY and found this web site! You kept mentioning her, so I was too curious!

I LOVE your family picture, especially how each individual family is wearing their own color! That makes it easy to figure out who goes with who! LOL! Eight kids! Awesome! I truly admire you. I only have 3 SO FAR, but I hope to have at least 6 someday! They truly are blessings. :)

9:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful family! thx for sharing..

1:05 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Christi - you can use either or on the enchiladas sauce - it's all the same.

3:38 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Cindy - I hope you went and read Rachel Talley's website. She is THE BOMB!
Keep up the great work - you will LOVE having 6 kids!!!

3:39 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Thanks for your comments, Jen - you always make me happy!

3:39 AM

Anonymous Christi said...

Thanks for your answer on the recipe and have a great day!

11:14 AM

Anonymous suzanne naylor said...

Beautiful Family, keep making them - Suzanne Naylor

7:54 AM

Blogger Mike Ciaccio - 561.339.6144 said...

Why guess? You're all color-coded!

2:01 AM


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