Saturday, April 01, 2006


Is Joey enjoying a refreshing glass of milk?

But you say - "He has a milk mustache!"

I know - I know - and so does Jacob.


It really all started with ALMONDS!
Soak them overnight if you can - or at least 5 hours.

Then you will drain the water off and put them through
the Champion Juicer and you will end up with Almond Butter.

Measure 2 tablespoon of almond butter into the VitaMix. Add 3 cups of water
and whirl for about 30 seconds until it is blended well. I put in a
touch of sea salt and about 2 tbsp of maple syrup. Adjust to your taste.

I didn't purchase a "nut bag" but you can. I am using cheesecloth over
a funnel and the "almond water" is now being strained into a pitcher to become
a very smooth "Almond Milk".

After it is finished straining, I pull up the cheesecloth and squeeze all
the "milk" that is left in the fiber.

This is the fiber that is left. I am going to use it as fiber
in my crackers.
Joey said, "Hey, Mom! This is really great stuff!"
See... (not staged) - he's drinking another glass!

We like to use this almond milk when we make our vanilla/cinnamon
banana shake. Mmmm - it's rich and creamy!


Anonymous Jana said...

I sure thought I'd see a nice juicy steak and boiled potatoes here for April Fool's Day...


10:37 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Now you tell me.
You should have just written it for me!

11:54 AM

Blogger rawin-to-go said...

Hi, I am new. How do you use the almond fiber to make crackers?

10:19 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Rawin-to-go - I just add it to whatever crackers I am making - I hate throwing it away! I just dump it in.

7:30 PM


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