Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Okay - it's time for TOMATOES!!!

Good thing I have a super great dehydrator. By the way - the cheapest place to buy it
is at Rawguru.com. You get the Teflex sheets for free ($81 savings) and the shipping is free!
Get one - you won't be sorry.

I not only dried 9 trays so I could have my own "sundried tomatoes" - but I made
a boatload of fresh salsa. I use salsa in all my crackers so I needed tons.
I made these corn chips too - thanks for Rachel Talley!
(recipe on another blog)

JOEY! "GET OUT OF THAT! It's for dinner."
"Oh - never mind. There's plenty!"


Blogger lvg4him said...

Can you please share your salsa recipe? I bought pumpkin seeds and flax seeds to make those crackers you said you love, but have not found a raw salsa I like. Thanks!

10:24 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Ugh - I hope you can follow this.
I never measure anything.
I use tons of fresh tomatoes.
I use at least 3 whole things of garlic.
The garlic is what makes the great fresh flavor.
I use lots of fresh cilantro.
I use lots of onion.
I use a little cumin and chili powder.
I use 2 big green bell peppers.

I do not mush everything all together.
I do the tomatoes first. Dump in a bowl.
Then I chop all the veggies together
in the food processor.
Dump it all together.
Taste and salt as needed. If you put too much salt - you will ruin the whole batch. Salt it last a little at a time. OO LA LA.

Also - soak the seeds separately.
You will be on your way!!!
Let me know how it turns out.

I hope this helped you and not confused you.

I use to use canned tomatoes. But don't anymore - but they turned out super great too.

2:44 PM

Blogger Tommie said...

YOU DRIED THOSE TOMATOES??? I eat so many fresh that I don't have any left to dry! And that's just me!

4:07 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Tommie - you saw the boatload of salsa I made - I just wanted to dry them "just because." I can go back and get as many cases of them as I want while the guy still has them. There are still tons left in my refrigerator! You can only eat "so many tomatoes!" Thanks for checking on me! ha!

4:19 PM

Blogger Debbie said...

Did you get those tomatoes at a farmers market? is that why so cheap?

1:59 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

I get the tomatoes from a produce place in town. I know the owner so that is why I get them so cheap. Now I am going back to get more. The Sun Dried Tomatoes I made in the olive oil is TO DIE FOR. I want to make lots more dry tomatoes and then freeze them to keep. Then I will put them in the oil as my supply in the oil runs out! We have a garden too - so now I will know what to do with the romatoes when we harvest them this summer.

3:45 AM


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