Saturday, April 01, 2006

BLT - almost raw

Okay - don't have a hissy fit. My 3 boys and husband were craving just a good old BLT sandwich. I was told by many sources that Ezekiel makes an incredible bread. (Ezekiel claims that it is cooked at such a low temperature - it's an "okay" at "best choice" that is... IF you are going to eat bread - which we don't (but we just might now!) Today is Saturday and they have worked so it's time for a BLT. (This is just showing you an opened-face sandwich
but we closed it to eat it)

I smothered the bread with Veganaise, sliced avocados, tomatoes and lots of lettuce. No one
even noticed it was missing the bacon. Go figure.......See.....these guys are the best!
With a green drink to provide extra chlorophyll they were all "tanked" up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judy, If you want some bread that is perfect for breakfast, and I think it's considered "raw" -try "manna bread." They have different kinds, like millet rice, fruit nuts, seeds grain, but the multi-grain is my favorite! They can be found at Sunflower, Spouts, and Wholefoods. The loaves are small, and not really ideal for "sandwiches" but great with spreads. You could make strawberry jam with fresh strawberries, or a nut/chocolate spead with almond butter, agave nectar(or whatever sweeter you want) and caoco power. Your boys, & husband, (and you) would love it! Jen

6:22 PM

Blogger lvg4him said...

I must say that your enthusiasm and all these recipes are encouraging me to go all raw again!!! I am going through all your old posts, copying the recipes to make a menu for the week. I AM WAY TOO EXCITED!

Also, I thought I would let you know that DULSE (a sea veggie) tastes SIMILAR to bacon. When we went vegetarian, I would pan fry dulse to be crisp bacon for BLTs as well as bacon and eggs. When we went raw, I would use the copped dulse for "bacon bits" on my salad. I am going to get some dulse right now (my kids eat it plain right out of the bag) and try your BLT with some dulse! If you try it, let me know how you like it.

And thank you THANK YOU again and again for this WONDERFUL blog!!!

11:01 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Yesterday I went and bought both kinds of Dulse. The flakes for salad (bacon bits) and the big pieces. WOWOWOWOWW.
I almost ate all the big pieces in the car going home. That should tell you that my body was missing those minerals, etc. I LOVED IT. We had hamburgers last night (I'll blog it later) and put the big pieces on the burgers for a bacon/burger. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm my whole
family LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I called my daughter and told her GET SOME - and she is today. Thanks for the tips. I LOVE IT SO MUCH when you ladies HELP ME! Thank you - thank you. Let's do this TOGETHER!!

2:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Love and Peace from Sweden! It is so great to visit your site. So many great recipies! Right now, you are along with the Garden Diet family, my precious guides on the rawfood path. At last, I am able to stick to it. My gratitude and many thanks!

Love Lena...

4:15 AM


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