Friday, March 31, 2006

Granola turned into a cookie!

I made a stab at making granola again. I mixed up oats, raisins, unsweetened coconut, honey, and salt. It needed more moisture I thought - so I added some water - like a cup or so. I put them on the Tflex sheets and dehydrated them overnight. In the morning my house smelled so wonderful but I ended up with the driest, hardest granola in the world. When you took
a bite of it - it crumbled into the biggest mess. So - I called Rachel Tally in Utah and
she helped me fix it!! HOW you ask?

To this crumbled mess - she told me to put water in my blender and add some ground
up flax seeds and a whole lot of the granola crumbs and maybe a touch more of honey. So I did. WOW - it whirled just right and I measured 3 cups and filled my Tflex sheets. I was so surprised at what I had just created. An oatmeal cookie!

It filled 7 of my trays with the most delicious "oatmeal cookie batter" ever.
My house smells like the best cookie.
So there you have it - lots of cookies in a real quick way.
I would really choose to make my cookies this way again!


Blogger jamie said...

Cool! It's great to see that when something doesn't turn out just quite right you can still salvage all of those great, expensive ingredients! Now... how did those cookies taste?!

8:53 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

The cookies are still in the dehydrator but they are disappearing as I type. We can't stay away from them. They are the most incredible oatmeal cookie in the world. Who would have thought we could have COOKIES and still feel so good about it. They should take about 24 hrs to dry out and it's only been about 14 - so by the end of the day - they should be "ready" to eat and store. Thanks for the comment!

8:59 AM

Blogger Debbie said...

I think this is something I still can't get over.. The fact that something sweet and tasting good is good for you... Congrats on the cookies! Do you like the Excalibur dehydrator better??

6:06 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

It is AMAZING to me too. Of course because there is maple syrup or honey in this recipes - you still have to be careful not to over do it! But it's nice to know that they are a better choice than anything you could buy at the store. We still keep fudge with walnuts in the refrigerator. A touch of chocolate now and then really satisfies us without getting fat or sick. Neat stuff.

6:08 AM


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