Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tell us why you are eating Raw!

I have had several people (whom I don't even know) email me and ask me to list some of the benefits we are seeing as we have reached our one month anniversary at eating 100% raw.
We truly are seeing such incredible results physically and mentally. I would list everything that is going on with us but I am trying to make this blog about fun, healthy eating. I don't want to start putting pictures of my size 6 pants or Jim's buff arms. It's really not about us anyway - it's really about this great food and learning how to eat it raw.

I do sleep 100% better, never have any mood swings, have incredible energy, simple periods, clear eyes and mind, wake up so happy and doing 3 sets of 10 men's pushups each morning....blah blah blah. My nails are so much better - my heels aren't cracking and I just basically feel so much more in tuned with the people around me and how I can serve and help them better. Jim is having similar benefits - but he isn't quite as verbal about them like I am.

Life is grand. The fact that I have a husband who is in this 100% with me - makes me the happiest woman alive. I could do flips because I am so happy! He's buff and outstanding. I want to kiss him all day long because I appreciate all his support and help.
His health issues are disappearing (we are not surprised) BUT his disposition has never changed - he was and still is the nicest guy in the world! I am more than just "L U C K Y!" So - I could list all the great things that are happening to us - but I guess I just don't need to.

Anyone that wants to see any kind of success eating like this....should pick up a book and start reading. Once you read the why's and the where's - and just "start in yourself"... you'll be hooked....possibly for life!

But for now...we are just enjoying learning this together, being with our family and basking in the luxury of raw. So thanks for asking!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thought i'd be the first to comment. ;-)Even though I'm not eating as raw as most people(you guys and others), i've seen a difference in my moods and energy level. Even though i'm only 24, i use to be tired all the time, and not feel well. But since eating more raw, my skin is clearer, I'm several pounds lighter, and feel better...I'm enjoying meeting great people, and learning that God truly made our bodies to function beautifully if we give them the chance...ah, I love the life God's given me...


10:08 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Jen - that was always my biggest complaint! ALWAYS DEAD TIRED. It didn't matter what I took, what I ate, what I didn't eat - I never felt great and my energy level suffered. I pushed myself anyway - which made me even sicker. Cutting out the cooked foods has also increased my energy - but more than anything - NO MORE MOOD SWINGS. That in itself should get more women to try this way of eating. I have studied nutrition for 20 years and NEVER knew about this way of eating. It's been a true blessing. Thanks for your comment and your input. I appreciate you!

9:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah, you're so sweet! From the energy level you seem to have, i never would have guess that was an issue before...blessings,

6:06 PM

Blogger MochaTribe said...

Thanks for your great web site and for mentioning it on the raw food email list. I tried to go raw last year and didn't make it for too long. I'm trying again and this time my hubby said he would help. I can't wait to try some of your recipes. I have two questions for you. If you could pick any book to start with what would you suggest? I have a couply of books but find them over-whelming. None of them are the ones on your list. Also, I see you switched dehydrators. I have the gardenmaster (which looks like the one you started with). Do you see a big difference in dehydrating time? I also am just not sure what some of this stuff is supposed to be like in texture when it is done. I tried making some veggie chips with zucchini and they went from spongy to rock hard and chewy. They never got crispy. Are you supposed to turn them over at some point? Thanks for any insight you can give me and thanks again for such an inspiring sight. The pictures are very helpful.

7:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been raw for 10 months now.It has been an incredible journey.I have lost at least 50lbs.,have lots of energy,hair has grown tremendously,can better handle hot and cold temperatures,and last but not least mood swings have been greatly minimized.Keep up the good work in getting the raw message out.

11:45 AM


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