Tuesday, March 28, 2006

CORN SALAD and Mashed Potatoes

Tonight was "CORN SALAD and then we finished up the spanish rice and I added "mashed potatoes" too! WE LOVE AVOCADOS - so this is smothered in them!

Here's is what the dinner looked like. You should have seen Jim's
eyes light up when he walked in the door! THAT makes me
so happy.

(p. 121 "The Raw Food Detox Diet")
2 T. sliced scallions
1 red bell pepper
2 tomatoes
4 ears of fresh corn - cut from the cob
A bunch of romaine lettuce shredded
Now mix everything all together.
(I marinated some mushrooms again and put them on top
of everything when it was ready to serve)
I also made a quick caesar dressing to put on top of everything.

Mashed potatoes anyone? This is not for the "first time" person eating raw.
This sorta takes "new tastes buds" - but WE loved them very much. I put them in this dish and put it in the dehydrator at 105 degrees for about 20 mins - oh - Jim thought he had
hot mashed potatoes. Tee hee.

Put one whole cauliflower and 2 c pine nuts (not soaked) through the
Champion Juicer with the blank plate. Add garlic, lemon juice and pepper to taste.
(Another successful dinner!).... (You're welcome, dear!)
(recipe from "Raw Power" p.132 uses macadamia nuts instead of the pine nuts I used)


Blogger Rachel Talley said...

Your food looks AMAZINGLY delicious!! The mashed potatoes are so much fun to make. I remember when I used to make them. I live in shock by what you are doing. If we could all be a little more like you!! Lovin' ya!

10:27 PM


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