Monday, March 27, 2006

Spanish Rice and tons of crackers!

Okay this is a glorious day! My Excalibur dehydrator came and my soaked flaxseeds were all ready
to be made into delicous crackers! (I ordered the Excalibur from
What a happy day for me and my family!! I used
2 full cups of "seeds" for each tray and it only took me 15 mins to do them all! My favorite recipe for the crackers is (flax seeds, pumpkins seeds (both soaked overnight separately) and then lots of my homemade salsa) - that's it.

Here is the great Excalibur with my 9 full trays filled with my flaxseed cracker stuff. I have the door off of the dehydrator for the picture only - but a door closes everything in very nicely!
Don't tell Gina and Jamie - but I am going to give the crackers to them when I see them on Wednesday in Show Low to take back to Utah - shhhh - it's a surprise.

For dinner - we made the famous "Spanish Rice" again because it is so tasty. Remember
it is soaked barley (overnight) and then drained and then I added red bell pepper, green onion, and lots and lots of tomatoes, cilantro, etc. (Real recipe is way below on this blog) I put a scoop of the rice on top of a bed of spinach and then topped it with avocado and hemp seeds. Also we had a left
over marinated mushroom (see them there) and 2 flaxseed crackers. Mmmmmm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


How long do you dehydrate the crackers for? I'm getting some pumpkin seeds today!


7:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your blog is an inspiration! Can you be my own personal chef? ;)


3:49 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

I think it takes about 24 hrs to really get them perfect. But maybe not that long. I have done 3 batches since I got my Excalibur. I put it on before we go to bed - then early - I flip them over and take off the Tflex so it gets dry on the other side. When I get home at noon they are not quite ready. Then when they are - I have another batch of flax seeds soaking and ready. DON'T SOAK PUMPKIN SEEDS with your flax. They actually spoil. I had to dump a batch.

7:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently found your blog and I am so impressed. It's awesome that your family is with you on this raw journey, but I have to say you make it real easy to see why. All of your food looks fantastic..too yummy!

I'm new to raw and would love to make your flax seed crackers -- I'm kinda craving something crunchy.

How do you make them? You mentioned flax seeds (how many cups) and pumpkin seeds? soak separately or not at all and how many cups? And, then there's the question of salsa. Do you add cilantro to your salsa or is it just tomatoes, lemon juice, onions.

Sorry for so many questions. I guess I'm new to any type of "cooking" or "uncooking"

Many thanks,

2:54 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

I make the flax seeds by soaking about 4 cups with about 7 cups of water overnight. I soak the pumpkin seeds too but in a separate bowl. About 2 cups.
In the morning the flax seeds have soaked up all of the water and has gooey water like mush. I just mixed by hand the homemade salsa. Yes I put a lot of cilantro in my salsa. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, cumin, etc. I make tons of the salsa every week and use it for our burritos and my crackers.

3:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I appreciate you sharing your recipe. Susan

9:00 AM


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