Thursday, April 20, 2006


My friend, Peggy, talked me into teaching a Raw Class at my house. Okay - I decided to do it.
I surprised myself and put together a notebook for each person attending - filled with easy
transition ideas, books to read, shopping list guide, Question and Answers, and lots
and lots of recipes - especially all the ones we were "uncooking" tonight. I just
simply called it "Raw-licious Concepts".

You are looking at an array of raw foods that I prepared so that everyone to come and have
a full dinner - we could have a casual chat about it - talk about the recipes and answer any personal questions they had about eating this way. It was WAY fun.

I wanted to have a variety of tastes for them to try. (Veganaise based, apple cider base, soy sauce base and a sesame oil base) You are seeing the Tai Cabbage with sesame oil, Lentil Salad with apple cider base, Flax crackers, cheesy sauce, & marinated mushrooms.

I made Spanish Rice (barley) with soy sauce base & guacamole for the crackers.
Everyone got little plates so they could take whatever they wanted
without mixing the flavors and they could have as much or little as they wanted.

I also made a broccoli salad with the raisins and veganaise dressing.
What you don't see is that they wanted to try a veggie burrito with the
honey mustard sauce - so I got up and made that. Oh, and I almost forgot.
They wanted to taste our famous pizza with the basil pesto sauce - so they each got
a slice of pizza too! Burp. Excuse me. Don't forget about the famous
Green Drink - so I got up and made them one of those too!

The evening didn't just stay at the table. We ended up going in the kitchen and making flax crackers, almond butter, almond milk, soft serve ice cream, angel hair pasta from a
silly zucchini (eating it with warm marinara sauce), and oh ya - don't forget about the
Chocolate FUDGE!! Do you think anyone can move anymore??? We are stuffed.
But then one last treat - we took the grapes from the table and juiced them!
There's nothing as fresh and nice as ice cold grape juice - freshly juiced!

So the night was a fun sucess. I know I had a really great time with everyone.
Drat - I remembered to pull out my camera after some of the other
guests had already left. I feel bad about that. This is my best friend , Peggy (in green)
and 3 of her sisters. They are stuffed (can you tell?). I think that meant they had
a really great time.
Everyone got to leave with a container of their favorite flax crackers.
That made them happy.

So - would I do this again?
Well....okay......the SPROUT class will be in just about 4 weeks!
See you then!
Email me for specific recipes - I can send them as an attachement and
not have to keep retyping them! Thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, looks like you had fun!! all your hard work--i'm specially impressed with the packet--paid off. You go girl!


9:12 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Thanks Jen - you are my greatest fan!

8:54 AM

Blogger Rachel Talley said...

Judy, your class looks like a SUCCESS!! The little packet is such a great idea. The food is SOOOOO beautiful. I am constantly being more and more boogled by you. You impress me every time I am on your website. It is WONDERFUL!! Great Going!!

11:45 AM


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