Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's About TIME and then what???

Well - it's been a very long time since I have blogged. Not that I didn't want to - or not that I didn't think about it all the time.....and not to mention the countless emails to my house reminding me that I had stopped blogging. I know. I know. Just too darn busy. I don't have much to say tonight except I decided to whip out the camera to show you that we ARE still eating raw. Here is raw stuffed mushrooms, heated from the sun, a broccoli salad with raisins and sunflower seeds, a cabbage salad with lots of veggies and sesame oil, homemade salsa with flax crackers and my famous chewy apricot cookies cooked in the dehydrator.
Here is Joey giving Ryan a raw cookie.

I promise....he didn't like it!!!
Check the chair on the next picture.

He decided to just shoot them dead. That's what Ryan thought about
our dinner tonight! Hahahahah!
Grandkids can be sososos cool!

Aren't you glad ...I'm back! Hahahaha.

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Anonymous gina said...

I think it is so funny that he gagged on the COOKIE of all things! Ha!

8:40 PM

Anonymous Jana said...

As the Queen of the re-creation of events for the camera, I would like to know how you got him to gag AGAIN so perfectly.


9:06 PM

Blogger KleoPatra said...


6:06 PM

Blogger anuxa said...

You were mean! ;) Telling him it's a cookie ... it's not sweet! He's so cute!

8:01 AM


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