Thursday, June 08, 2006


I am using the spiralizer and making my garden zucchini into flat, kinda wide "noodles". They look like long ribbons and I cut them so they would be shorter.

I used my favorite marinara sauce (already blogged) and mixed in some sun-dried tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, soaked raisins and some onion powder to make it even better. Then I just layered the sauce and with the ribbon "noodle" zucchini.

Almost ready to cover and "bake".

Here iswhat it looked like before I baked it.

Ah.....baked outside on my table... in Phoenix, Arizona! It was only 108 degrees outside today - so I guess my "lasagna" is still raw - right??

It certainly didn't feed my whole family. I had to make another batch! Burp.


Blogger jamie said...

Do you even NEED your dehydrator in the Phx summer?!

How long did you "bake" the lasagna outside? Looks pretty tasty.

8:39 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Heck no - when Gina was here she told me to just do the dehydrating outside. That gave me the idea to cook my dinners out there too. We've done this twice now. Ah.....warm lasagna and it didn't heat up the house. I think I left it out there for a couple of hours. We were waiting for Dad to come home. The zucchini actually was so limp like a real noodle. Peggy paid me $5.00 for a plate. So there you have it!

7:27 PM

Blogger Rachel Talley said...

This looks DELICIOUS!! You know, a good friend of mine grew up eating raw and she had some raw books that were before raw was "cool". They put EVERYTHING in the sun. That was how they did it. It really has only been recently that someone figured out the dehydrator thing. Funny huh? Love ya!

12:13 AM


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