Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Adrian, Jodie, Derek and Ryan all graduated from BYU recently. They all live within
walking distance to each other in Provo, Utah and are such outstanding friends. Pictured here
are 4 of our 5 daughters and their families (plus Jim and I)
For graduation presents - of course everyone got their own dehydrator! Thanks - they have the cheapest prices in town! Here is Jodie, (due in June),
Jenny (had Katie in Feb), Gina (due in Aug), and Jamie (had Emma in Oct) making
cookies, granola, crackers and dried fruit. The dehydrators never did get turned
off for the 4 days we were there!

Here is Jenny's husband, Derek with Katie.
Wow - even Derek enjoyed this plate of "raw".Jamie and her family is getting ready to move out of state
so she is making flax crackers frantically in her
new dehydrator before she leaves ! (chopping veggies here)Jenny is making fabulous granola for everyone!Ryan wants to help too!Okay - here's Ryan testing the granola. Mmmmmm good.Gina wanted to dried pineapple just for fun!...and Caleb wanted the "no bake" cookies!
They lasted all of 20 mins.
Don't ask me why I took a picture of this dead food. We took everyone out
for dinner to celebrate their graduation and I wanted to stay "raw".
So I compared this dish... to this dish.... fresh greens, cucumbers, avocados,
tomatoes and blackberries. Jim wanted to have a green burrito since he has been raw since
February just for the heck of it. When we got home - he told me,
"It wasn't as good as I was expecting.
I guess my taste buds have changed.
I should have had a salad."
That comment... just "made" my day!


Blogger Rachel Talley said...

You looked like you had so much FUN! You have such a cute family. I am honored to know you! Rach

3:41 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

Wow, got any more dehydrators to give away? (wink, wink)

Most restaurants don't know how to make a good salad, do they. Blech! Glad you all had such a great time!

11:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


This post is great. I love all the fun you guys are having. one thing I've been realizing is family is special! i love my family, and i'm glad you love yours.


10:50 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Thanks Rachel, Cindy and Jen.
You are so encouraging! Have a great raw day!

6:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi! all your food looks wonderful. i was wondering what your no bake cookie recipe is that you showed? they looked really yummy.



PS your blog is great :) thanks for sharing all the awesome food pics!

10:58 AM


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