Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just a fun day "uncooking"!

Don't you hate it when your kids come home and say, "There's nothing to eat!"

Don't you hate it when your husband comes home and opens the refrigerator and says, "When I open the refrigerator - I can't see anything to eat!"

I guess it just takes a mother's touch. So, I pulled out the carrots and made
fresh carrot juice to go with dinner. (love that Champion Juicer)
I didn't show you how I made fresh raw peanut butter too in my juicer.
I added a touch of honey to it and Jacob is in 7th Heaven.

I pulled out cucumbers, apples, bell peppers, cilantro, miso,
red onions, garlic cloves, fresh ginger, and celery. Of course I put them all
together in my new VITA MIX blender to make homemade SOUP!

So for dinner - we ate homemade SOUP with Nori flakes and
hemp seeds on top, a fabulous salad with avocado and
a fresh glass of carrot juice. NOTHING TO EAT???

Jim had a meeting to go to tonight. Before he left - I told him I would make him a real chocolate mousse with whipped cream. He told me that he would be excited to come home. When he arrived he told me how a group of ladies came into his office and brought him cake and ice cream. He took it but wanted to wait and taste my chocolate mousse. What a guy.
See why I love him so much! Here he is with his chocolate mousse.
Notice he is one happy guy!

Shhhh - I'll tell you how I made it.
Of course, I put everything in my Vita Mix. It made the dessert so creamy and smooth!
( 2 avocados, 1 cup cocoa, 1 TBSP vanilla extract, 1 tsp salt, 5 deglte dates soaked for 3 hrs)) WHOA!
The topping (I just made it up) was peanut powder (made in the vita mix) with
bananas and a little water. Sounds so gross doesn't it!
Well, it was a SMASHING SUCCESS. It was rich and very satisfying!
I didn't DARE tell him the main ingredient was
avocados and he never did guess it.... but he'll find out if he reads this blog.
This is his second bowl.
Too bad there isn't anything in this house to eat!

I just HAD to add this tid-bit. Joey got up this morning and I asked him if he wanted to try some chocolate mousse. He said, "sure, why not." He tasted it and I asked him, "Isn't it amazing that you can have a creamy chocolate pudding and still have a healthy dessert?" He replied, "Well, it has a certain flavor that everything kinda does - you know, that almond flavor or nuts. I don't really like almonds." He sat down and ate every bit of the chocolate mousse wiped his mouth and said, "Mom, that was really good." "Joey, do you want me to tell you what was really in it?" "Sure, why not." "JOEY you just ate avocados and cocoa!!" "YOU ARE KIDDING - THERE IS NO WAY!!" So, I had to get out the book and literally read the recipe in the book to him. He shook his head and still doesn't believe it. So - there you have it. Eating raw can be very disceptive! Still smiling.


Blogger Rachel Talley said...

You are still doing GREAT!! I told everyone in my class about you tonight so plan on getting some comments. I told them all to tell you they loved you and that you were doing great!! LOVE YA TONS!! Sorry you can't come to the classes! Rachel

11:29 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Rachel - you are the best! I have 3 ladies comment already. Whew - such a responsibility! Thanks Rachel - you are my leader!

4:26 AM

Anonymous Susanna said...

I am new to the raw food email group - so that's how I found your site - it's wonderful! But WHERE do you get all these fabulous recipes?!! I am not nearly creative and i'd LOVE to be! Any tips that have helped? Because I figured - well they must have been doing it for a long time - but that's not ture! It's're an inspiration!

6:05 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Susanna - I have only been doing this for almost a month! I got tons of my recipes from my friend Rachel Talley.
I only post them if my family really loves them. There are lots of recipes out there on the email group. I got the chocolate mousse from the book "Eating in the Raw". Check out books from your library and try some - make small amounts incase you don't like them. I try to stick with recipes that people say they love - like Rachel Talley!
Good luck!

10:57 AM

Blogger Cindy said...

I love the pictures and recipes! I think I'm going to spread all of our fruit out where we can see it and get to it easier. It's just so beautiful spread on the table like that!

1:12 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Thanks Cindy! Doing it this way shows
everyone what to grab instead of eating something else. I almost look like a store - huh! Silly me.

3:31 PM


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