Thursday, March 16, 2006

Grandma Rah Rah in Show Low

Okay - I just couldn't put these pictures in the right order. But they are here - so that's good.
Will and Matthew love Scooby-Doo - so I took them a Scooby-Doo tent when I visited them in their new house in Show Low, Az.

Here they come - ready for lunch!

We made them homemade chips and grapes. (well, kinda homemade chips - we opened the bag.)....
and you know they just HAD to eat in their new tent! Here's Will looking at me with "those" eyes saying, "gosh, do I have to eat these raw grapes?"

When Rachel came home - we all made our famous raw cookies- oatmeal raisin and apricot/date. We all worked on them together - then the boys went out to play in the snow and I forgot to take their pictures eating the dough and licking their fingers! DOH!
Here is Rachel - testing the batter. Funny how it tasted the same after it was cooked in the dehydrator for 5 mins! Hahahahaha

I just had to show you the view as I drove up to their new house.
That is an apartment and a huge garage in their backyard! It
is almost bigger than their house! LUCKY!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so fun. You're a great wife to your husband, and that makes me feel happy. ;-) jen

7:34 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Hi Jen! Dad really appreciates all this.
I have to say that I make sure he gets really, really great food everyday. He has so much on his plate - it's fun to just spoil him for ONCE!! (or maybe this is the second time in his life I've spoiled him) (who's counting!) love ya.

3:33 PM


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