Sunday, March 12, 2006


This is a picture of our Chili Bean Tostada dinner when everyone was finished! I forgot
to take pictures of them making them - but you get the idea. They loved them very much.
Okay, Okay - we really ended up wrapping them up like a burrito - but I just wanted to call them tostadas for the heck of it for the boys!

To make the chili beans - ha ha - I soaked 2 cups of almonds in water overnight. Drained them in the morning and put them in my Champion Juicer with the blank in place. It came out exactly
looking like refried beans only lighter. I added fresh garlic, onions, cumin and lots of chili powder. They were so fabulous. ( I got the recipe from a lady (Tommie) from a chat group on line.) Here's a close up picture. My boys scarfed them up and Jim thought he was back in heaven. The different spices and spreads make this so yummy. We topped it with my "cheese" (nutritional yeast, walnuts and a little sea salt) and my fresh homemade salsa. Man - we've just gotta invite you all over for dinner one of these nights. Someone said, "gee....I thought that eating raw meant that you were eating
celery and carrot sticks. We had no idea that it would taste so good!". Oh yeah - it's all about
flavor - and..... we've got it here in our RAW KITCHEN.


Blogger jamie said...

You said "tostadas" but were they really burritos? Did you just do these in the sprouted tortillas - or maybe they were open-face and that's why they can be called tostadas?

They look great.

8:21 AM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

I changed my wording on the blog.
Yes - I wanted to call them tostadas - but we ended up really wrapping them up! Thanks for asking!

8:41 AM


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