Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BOOKS you've just gotta read!

I recently taught a class for about 25 people on nutrition. These are people who are interested in better health and are not currently eating raw and some of them had never heard of that kind of diet before. The goal of that night was to give them truth about what they are currently eating and to emphasize putting more raw foods into their diets. I stressed to them that knowledge is power - read - read - read - and told them that I would share some of my very favorite books and tell them why I love and/or hate them.

To start out with.....read THE CHINA STUDY. It will open your eyes on meat and dairy like never before. This is a favorite book of mine because it is NOT a book of opinions. It is a book of facts. That is what we want - truth and facts.

This book (FATS THAT HEAL..) is a harder book to read because of the clinical studies but it will open your eyes to the fats you are consuming and you will be convinced to quit frying and heating your oils. Throw your grill away - it's really cancer on the grill . Yep - read it and weep.

I didn't know that I could find a book that I simply cannot put down. This book is a book of facts and opinions and goes really well with The China Study book. Kevin Trudeau is trying to expose all the agencies and companies that are just making billions and billions of dollars of us "little people" as we trust their decisions about our health. You will never eat another oz. of dairy after
reading this book. EVER. No milk - and absolutely no cheese! The best part about the book is that it just doesn't tell you what to eat or what not to eat - it has things in there like this: "Music has a powerful effect on physiology and your health and well-being. Research confirms that music bypasses your conscious mind and goes directly to and stimulates the part of the brain that controls your emotions and vital pulses such as heart and respiratory rates. Chemical endorphins in your brain are released and leads to strengthening your immune system when you listen to music played at sixty beats or less per minute." Where can you read about that! So - get the book. You won't be able to put it down either.

This book is another absolute favorite. It is by Dr. Jau-Fai CHEN. She is an Immunologist who looks at raw food under the microscope and sees how it benefits or hurts our cells. She is firm and strong to teach that CANCER FEEDS ON DAIRY. (Another reason to get off all dairy!) She advocates whole natural foods. Fruits, vegetables nuts, seeds, grains, and lots of herbs. Her goal is to find a cure through natural foods to conquer cancer.


Anonymous Nan said...

Thanks Judy, this is exactly what I needed. I know you have been studying nutrition fervently for a good 25 years and have tons of knowledge and opinions developed over that time. These recommendations are helping me "cut to the chase." And thanks for the class - it was fabulous. I'm so blessed to have a great friend like you.

7:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like really great books. I did, however, want to make you aware that Kevin Trudeau is a scam artist. He has been in trouble with the law for fraud, etc. I strongly suggest that you don't take everything in the book as doctrine as he can't back them up and enjoys making a lot of money for his book.

Just thought I'd put you on beware to his claims.

Love your blog.

11:56 PM

Blogger sharie said...

Judy ,
Thanks for the book reviews they are great always good info from you!
God Bless!
Sharie from the raw foods group

8:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand how you can put such store in PART of a book (The Transfat Solution)when you completely discount what the author has to say about white flour, white sugar, recipes, etc. When I cannot accept PART of a book, it makes me QUESTION the REST!

1:48 PM

Anonymous mawintheraw said...

That was a great question. It was obvious to me that the authors had done a superb job in learning how harmful Transfats are and gave a great report on their findings. I learned TONS that I didn't know before. That part of the book was fabulous. The last part of the book dealing with the recipes that had white sugar and white flour in them obviously showed that they had "not done their homework" on getting rid of white flour and white sugar in their diet. So that means to me that they obviously only researched about Transfats. That's good enough for me! The book is worth reading if you want to learn about transfats and how dangerous they are.

4:45 PM


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