Saturday, October 14, 2006

MONO - Eating

Okay - I have to admit that Ryan is so cute that I decided to use him in my photo shoot while I was still in California. He is helping me cut up honey-dew for breakfast. He loves to help in the kitchen.

Look at how careful he is to cut the tiny piece in the bowl!

It made it right into his mouth!

This was a delicous melon. It was our entire breakfast.
Now...that is called "mono-eating"!


Anonymous Melissa said...

Ryan is absolutely ADORABLE!! Thankyou so much for this blog, it gives me great encouragement to stick with eating raw food :) Could you maybe post what you have for dessert?

12:35 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Melissa - we only ate the fudge that is way down on my blog. Now we don't make it anymore and haven't for about 5 months. We just don't need it anymore. The high fruit that we are eating is so satisfying and whenever we think we want dessert - we eat fresh dates. They taste exactly like carmels to us all. I can eat about 6 of them and boy I am super sugared! Thanks for the question.

6:54 PM


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