Thursday, October 12, 2006

Breakfast in California

At 6:30 am every morning - Derek gets up and gets ready for work. Ryan has a built in sensor in the mornings and always manages to get up without anyone waking him - to eat with his dad. Since I am doing the cooking around here - you guessed it - watermelon for breakfast! Ryan didn't know how to eat it off the rind. Derek is showing him how to do it.

I think I had more fun taking pictures of Derek this time!

I know thatRyan is having a good time.
And he actually loves watermelon and it sure is filling for all of us.

What a cute guy!

Even Katie enjoyed what Ryan gave her! She is scraping the
juice with her 2 bottom teeth!


Anonymous ciarac said...

Oh my god, what a beautiful family!

Thanks for the great blog, all the colours make me happy to be raw!

6:17 AM


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