Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Can't Beat THIS HELP!

We are having tacos on flax crackers tonight and Ryan was the first one to yell, "I'm helping!".
So what's a Grandma to do? Give him a knife to help cut up everything!
Oh, Ryan was so happy.

Still digging at that avocado - he already ate a bunch of the tomatoes.

Yep, he decided that he better cut up some more of those fresh tomatoes!

Still tasting them too. Wow - you just can't beat help from grandchildren!
I'm in seventh heaven.

There isn't a cuter 2 year old - is there?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute grandson indeed. Great family you have!

Try this for a yummy dessert...

Freeze coconut juice or coconut cream (fattening but yummy) and then use an ice-shaver (the ones they use for snow cones) to get your shaved ice. Dice up mangos to put on top (or on the bottom). Very very very yummy!

Quick question for many calories are you able to consume on a raw diet. And how expensive does it get?

12:36 AM

Blogger jamie said...

Ryan looks so grown up! He is so lucky to spend time with his grandparents!

2:58 AM

Anonymous Misty Liu said...

My friend, Jen, who introduced me to your website, let me know today that you were back! I am SO happy!!

You have been the inspiration for our family to eat raw! We would never have made it past the first week without your blog!

So glad to see you back! Your family photos are inspirational!

6:18 PM

Anonymous melissa said...

yay you're back!! your dishes always look so yummy - gives me the inspiration to continue moving forward eating more raw food!

god bless

11:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Auntie Judy, looks like you have some great help there, Ryan is so, so cute! I bet you and Uncle feel like the most blessed grandparents.

Love you,

5:54 PM

Blogger Cindy said...

How cute! It looks like he did a great job!

I'll have a 2-year-old in just a few weeks, but until then, I'll agree that Ryan is the cutest 2yo. LOL!

Glad you're blogging again!!! :)

10:37 PM

Blogger Grandma Cookies said...

Thanks Cindy! Keep up the good work!

6:55 PM


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